History Of The Company

Iran Auto Parts General Company was established in 1973 under the name of Reza Industrial Company and was registered in Mashhad. In 1978, it was renamed Iran Auto Parts Company and on October 22, 1991, according to the decisions of the Extraordinary General Assembly, the company was transformed from a private company into a public company. In 2003, the symbol of participation in the stock exchange was reopened and its reactivation began, and in 2004, it was renamed to the company of Iran Auto Parts Industrial Group and entered the main hall of the Tehran Stock Exchange. Sabzevar Cable Car Company (SKC) was transferred to Sabzevar in 1985 according to the development plan of the subsidiaries of Iran Auto Parts Industrial Group as a control cables unit. The company became an independent legal entity in the second half of 1997 and was registered under the name of Sabzevar Cable Car Company (SKC) in order to be able to develop its independent professional-production activity.